Term 4 Overview


Foundation Term Four 2017

“Learning to Grow at St Anne’s”


Welcome back to school and Term 4.

Can you believe it? Your child has almost completed their first year at school!

This final term is surely to be a busy one full of engaging, enriching and exciting learning experiences.

This Term Overview provides you with information regards the learning happening here at school throughout Term 4.

We encourage you to visit our Foundation Level blog regularly as we aim to provide a ‘window’ into the classroom by the updates we will add. Please feel welcome to add a comment.


Julie McLachlan


Jan Kerr


Frances Owen


Julie: Prep MD

Monday all day

Tuesday 11:30-3:30pm

Wednesday all day

Thursday 12:30-3:30pm

Friday all day

Jan: Prep MK

Tuesday 9:00-11:00am

Thursday 9:00-12:30pm

Frances: Prep O

Full time in classroom

  • Parent Helpers – Thank you to all those who continue to come along to help out in the classrooms. We really appreciate your time and effort.
  • Please remember to check out our blog. There are regular additions to showcase some of our learning and activities at school.
  • Important Dates:

Italian Day: Wednesday 25th October

Twilight Sports: Wednesday 8th November

Foundation O Class Mass Thursday 19th October

Foundation MK Class Mass Thursday 26th October

Foundation Level Mass Thursday 7th December

    • Fitness (Mon – Thu) and Meditation (Fri) both activities commence as soon as the 8.55am bell sounds. Please try to ensure children are regularly here for these activities.
    • Hats and sunscreen must be worn this term.
    • Important reminder: Each child needs a water bottle at school everyday.
    • Lunch orders must be placed online by Wednesday and are distributed on Friday. See new Summer menu.
    • Icy-poles (50c) are available again this term.
    • This term, as we focus on the student’s transition to Year 1, we would encourage all parents to consider dropping students off at a designated area of the playground in the mornings, to enable students to make their own way to the classroom.
    • Just a reminder that there is always a teacher on yard duty in the mornings, therefore the children should be dropping their bags at the door and then proceeding to the upper play area. Children are not permitted on the soccer pitch before and after school due to supervision requirements.
    • We continue to encourage all students to be responsible for carrying and unpacking their own school bags.
  • Please remember that if you need to speak with us regarding your child, please let us know and we will arrange a time that is suitable.
Physical Education / Sport Lesson Information Communications Technology Performing Arts Italian Library
Wednesday with Kay Livingstone

(All students to wear sports uniform)

Tuesday with Tony Wilson Wednesday with Barbara Green Wednesday with Maria Cannarozzo Prep MK – Friday with classroom teacher

(Please return library books each Friday)

Prep O – Tuesday with classroom teacher

(Please return library books each Tuesday)


Curriculum Overview


  • Literacy


The Reading sessions will continue to operate as it has during Term 3, with the children engaged in mixed groups across both classrooms for reading activities. During this time the teachers work with specific groups of students matched to their Literacy needs. Students are required to take responsibility for changing their Home Reading books every day. Home reading journals are checked fortnightly.

In Writing, the Foundation students will be working on Persuasive texts. They will explore some mentor texts such as “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” by Mo Willems and “A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea” by Michael Ian Black. We will explore the structure and language features of this type of text before the students begin to write their own texts.

Our Learning Intention will therefore be: “We are learning to write a persuasive text.”

Literacy assessments will occur during November. The students will work individually with their classroom teacher to participate in assessment tasks involving both reading and writing. During this time casual relief teachers will be replacing the Prep teachers in order to allow these assessments to occur. We thank you for your patience and understanding as this process occurs.



  • Numeracy:


The students will undertake one formal assessment this Term. This will occur over the coming weeks and the students will work in small groups with their classroom teacher to complete this assessment. This assessment informs future learning for all students. Teachers will also use other assessment tasks within the classroom to inform them of student progress and achievement.

Number and Algebra:  Students will continue to represent practical situations to model addition and subtraction.  They will continue to be encouraged to use counting strategies to solve problems that involve comparing, combining and separating sets.

Measurement and Geometry: Students will continue to use direct and indirect comparisons to learn about capacity and decide which is heavier or holds more, and explain reasoning in everyday language. They will continue to learn about time, relating clocks to the telling of time using terminology such as day, hour, clock face, hands. The students will sort, describe and name familiar two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects in the environment. They will use terminology such as face, edge and corner as related to these shapes. The students will use the language of position to describe and follow simple directions on how to get from one place to another.

Statistics and Probability: Students will ask simple questions about familiar topics to elicit yes or no responses. They will interpret simple displays of data to represent answers to basic questions.


  • Personal and Social Capabilities:

In SEL and Buddy sessions this term the students will work towards Transition into Year 1.

In Circle time the students will talk about what they are looking forward to, times when they feel good, what they feel and wonder about moving on. The students will learn about specific feelings that they share, how they can use their face and body to show their feelings and finally discuss the times and strategies to manage when they may feel anxious or worried.


  • Education in Faith:


We begin the term with students learning about how God created the world as a gift of love and that each of us has a responsibility to care for our environment. Students will listen to more stories from the Bible where we are taught God’s message for us. The students will explore experiences of waiting and begin to develop an understanding of how the Church waits in anticipation for the birth of Jesus through the season of Advent. The students will also celebrate Mass with their Year 6 buddies.


  • Inquiry


Our Inquiry unit for this term is, ‘Change Detectives’

The students will:

  •    access prior knowledge and build new knowledge about states of matter and the physical and chemical reactions and changes that take place when simple chemicals are mixed
  •    acquire and use the correct scientific terminology related to the study of simple chemistry
  •    develop an awareness that science is happening all around us
  •    identify and discuss the extent to which science impacts on our daily lives

Later this term we will go on an excursion to compliment the learning happening at school.


  • Specialists


Language Pathway: Italian

During Term 4 in Italian, the students will begin to explore emotions through different ways to answer the question ‘Come stai?’ They will become familiar with expressions such as ‘sono contento/a’  and ‘non sono contento/a’. They  will continue to explore the uses of ‘posso’ in functional classroom language and continue to learn numbers and colours through stories and songs.


Physical Education

In Term 4 the students will participate in skills using short handled bats and small balls. The focus will be to develop eye tracking and hand-eye, foot-eye coordination. These skills will then transfer to modified games with a minor focus on team rules, safety, encouraging others and positive self talk.

Students will also prepare for the upcoming Twilight Sports, practising basic ball games and running events.


Performing Arts

This term, the students will share musical experiences through singing, playing instruments and movement. They will continue to learn to recognise beat, copy some modelled rhythms and identify some changes in tempo. They will practise recognising high and low pitch and sing simple pitch patterns across a narrow range of notes. The students will be involved in activities where they learn to recognise loud, soft and repeated musical patterns. They will be taught to use simple music terminology to describe music that they enjoy listening to and why they enjoy it. Towards the end of the term, students will learn some Christmas songs to sing with their Year 6 buddies for their public performance in the Park Orchards Community Carols in December.


Digital Technologies

This term, the Foundation students will be building on their knowledge of programming. Using “Scratch Junior” they will create basic animations involving multiple characters, text and sound.


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