Digital Technologies – Term 1 2017


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This term the Foundation students have worked really hard at learning about the different computers that we use at home and at school. We have discussed different ideas relating to ‘input’ and ‘output’ as well as the words and language that is used to describe different computers.

In particular, the students have practised logging on and off the school laptops. They have also been practising their fine motor skills when using the mouse touch-pad to move the cursor, click and double-click. It has been a fantastic first term and the Foundation students have clearly learned a lot in a very short amount of time – well done everyone!

What do we use computers for?

Zoe: You can take a photo of yourself, plug it into a printer and then print it out.

Harlee: Writing

Addison: Watching things, like things you need to learn.

Josh: To print stuff.

Daniel: To play games.

Amber: For working on it.

Sammy: Playing games & colouring in

Alicia: Sending email

Dougie: Logging on and logging off

Milla: Drawing

Emmah: Ringing someone.

Leo: Taking photos


Inquiry Learning: How much do we need? How much do we use?


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This term our unit of Inquiry has been focused around the Earth’s resource, Water.

The students have been encouraged to think about the big question;


The students have come to new understandings linked to:

  • Each of us has the responsibility to use the earth’s resources carefully/sustainably
  • Each of us can care for the environment.
  • Each of us can identify actions at school and at home such as turning off dripping taps, that can conserve resources

We began our unit by thinking about our needs and wants. We sorted out what we considered to be the key needs that are required for our survival.

The students used various thinking routines to explore how can we use these wisely and what is our responsibility?

We were fortunate to have a wonderful Incursion (Drama Toolbox) workshop which helped us understand more through the story of ‘Tiddalick; the frog who drank too much.’ This was enjoyed by all as the students acted out the story, wearing costumes,re-enacting the story.

We learnt about the Water Cycle and where does the water that comes out of our taps come from.

The students have become detectives looking carefully at water use at home and at school.

Finally; the students will take some action to assist in raising water saving awareness and pledge to use water wisely as part of their everyday life.



Visual Arts


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“Every child is an artist” – Pablo Picasso

Recently we have created some amazing self portraits using paint, drawing and paper collage.

What does a self portrait say about the artist?

Self portraits are about more than your appearance, they show who you are and what you want to be.




Learning about Length


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In Mathematics we have recently been learning about length.

We all use the terms long, longer, longest and short, shorter and shortest.

We used playdough and lolly snakes to compare lengths.

We went out into the playground to locate long and short items.


Religious Education


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The Good Shepherd

In class we have shared the story of The Good Shepherd using ‘Godly Play’ materials.

We have come to know Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

He knows us all by name. He loves each one of us and protects us.




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In class we have been learning the days of the week. We have learnt songs and rhymes to help us remember them all.

We read the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and created a display. We just love this story!

We are also trying to answer these questions each day – What day is it today?

What day was it yesterday? and What day is it tomorrow?

Perhaps mum and dad could ask us these questions at home too and talk about which activities we do on each specific day.


Starting School


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We are on our way!

2017 has begun and already the Foundation students are involved in school life.

We are really fortunate to have wonderful, supportive Year 6 Buddies.

We love to do Buddy activities together and we love to meet them out in the playground.

Here are a few of our first day snaps!


ICT Term 4


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This term, the Foundation students have learned a lot about our school Bee Bots.


We have worked together to find out about basic computer coding concepts using these floor robots.


Our final project was to send our Santa Bee Bots around a map to visit all of the children’s houses to deliver presents. This meant the students needed to think carefully about how they arranged their mats and the directions they had to use as input into their Bee Bots.


It has been so wonderful to see the children’s logical and problem solving skills develop as they work out the small, sequential steps to reach their final goals.


Well done Foundation on a great year in ICT!!


Remembrance Day


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At 11am on the 11th of November our school engaged in a silent tribute to those who have fought to keep Australia safe and at peace.

The Foundation students were very interested to listen and talk about this very special day. They completed some artworks in response and wrote some reflective pieces.

For the students in Foundation O it was another important connection that they made with Harry’s Uncle Ewen, who visited them recently whilst back from Afghanistan.


Italian Day


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Recently our school has celebrated Italian day. It was a great day and everyone had a magnifico time!

Everyone dressed up for the day and some great costumes were spotted. After the parade, students participated in fun activities. Later we saw a theatrical performance. Then the pizza and gelati van arrived! Ah delicioso!

In our classrooms we listened to the Italian traditional tale of ‘Strega Nona’. The Foundation students made a house for Strega Nona and loved adding the pasta flowing out of the pot and out of the house.






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