Numeracy – Days of the Week


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In class, we have been learning the days of the week and connecting days of the week to familiar events and actions.

We loved reading the book by Eric Carle, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

We have been learning what day is it today? What day was yesterday? What day is tomorrow? What are our school days? What days are called the ‘weekend’? On what day do we have Library? What day do we have sport? What day can we buy an icypole at school?

We have also learnt about what happens during the sequence of a day. What happens in the morning? the afternoon or evening?

Visual Arts


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In Visual Arts students explore and express ideas, experiences, observations and imagination to create visual artworks. They experiment with different materials and techniques to make artworks. They also respond to visual artworks and consider where and why people make visual artworks. 

Already the Foundation students have visited our school art learning space and have created some self portraits.


Praying with Children


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Faith is a living relationship with God.  Communication with God is prayer.

In prayer, children become aware of the presence of God already around and in them. In a special way, prayer invites them to recognize God’s presence in every moment. As we lead prayer with children, we pray with the children, guiding them into a prayerful time and space.

We create a sense of sacred space by inviting the children to focus on the presence of God. A small table covered with a cloth the color of the liturgical season serves as a focal point. On the table place might be an open Bible, and one or more of the following: a bowl of holy water, a cross, a religious image or statue, a plant or flower, or a candle.

As the children gather for prayer, we ask them to find positions in which they are comfortable yet alert.

We encourage the children to gradually become more open to God.

We always begin by leading the children in praying the Sign of the Cross. Speaking slowly, deliberately, and reverently.

Over time, the children are encouraged to contribute to our prayers.

There will be times too when we might invite the children to spend time in silence with God and to be aware of how God wants to be with each of them in a special way.

We then bring closure to the prayer time by inviting the children to pray the Sign of the Cross.

Below is our St. Anne’s School Prayer. This is the prayer we start each day with.

Our School Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for all you have given us,

Our friends, our family, our parish,

and all those who care for us.

Give us the strength to grow in faith

As loving, caring children of God,

Through Christ our Lord,


Welcome to 2019


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Welcome to our first post for 2019.

We are looking forward to working with your child as they

“Learn to Grow at St Anne’s.”

You will also find a link to our Term One Overview at the top of this page. Each subsequent term overview will be updated there for you to access. We encourage you to visit our Foundation Level blog regularly as we aim to provide a ‘window’ into the classroom by the updates we will add. Please feel welcome to add a comment.

We have had a wonderful start and are extremely proud of how the Foundation students have settled in. Already we have been busy learning new routines, expectations, names and reading and talking about feelings associated with starting school. 

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