Digital Technologies – Term 1 2017


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This term the Foundation students have worked really hard at learning about the different computers that we use at home and at school. We have discussed different ideas relating to ‘input’ and ‘output’ as well as the words and language that is used to describe different computers.

In particular, the students have practised logging on and off the school laptops. They have also been practising their fine motor skills when using the mouse touch-pad to move the cursor, click and double-click. It has been a fantastic first term and the Foundation students have clearly learned a lot in a very short amount of time – well done everyone!

What do we use computers for?

Zoe: You can take a photo of yourself, plug it into a printer and then print it out.

Harlee: Writing

Addison: Watching things, like things you need to learn.

Josh: To print stuff.

Daniel: To play games.

Amber: For working on it.

Sammy: Playing games & colouring in

Alicia: Sending email

Dougie: Logging on and logging off

Milla: Drawing

Emmah: Ringing someone.

Leo: Taking photos


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