Italian Day


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Recently our school has celebrated Italian day. It was a great day and everyone had a magnifico time!

Everyone dressed up for the day and some great costumes were spotted. After the parade, students participated in fun activities. Later we saw a theatrical performance. Then the pizza and gelati van arrived! Ah delicioso!

In our classrooms we listened to the Italian traditional tale of ‘Strega Nona’. The Foundation students made a house for Strega Nona and loved adding the pasta flowing out of the pot and out of the house.






Inquiry Learning – What’s the Weather?


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This term the Foundation students are inquiring into how do daily and seasonal changes in the weather affect/ impact on everyday life. They are investigating important questions like:

  • How can I describe what the weather is like each day?
  • How can I use weather information to predict the weather?
  • How does different types of weather affect myself and others?

They will come to new understandings of how and why:

  • We use different weather information and forecasts to predict the weather and to help make decisions about the things that we do.
  • Different types of seasons and weather conditions affect people and places.

The students have been very engaged and words such as; forecast, cumulus, overcast, predictions and water vapour have all been flying around the rooms as they observe, record, predict, hypothesise and check local weather conditions.

We were extremely fortunate that Jackson’s friend Jenny, who is a meteorologist at the BOM came as a special expert presenter and helped us to learn more about the job of a weather forecaster. The students asked her some very technical and interesting questions, gaining more information about what they really wanted to know more about.





Persuasive Writing


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In class the Foundation students have been learning about Persuasive texts. They have discussed how a Persuasive text can persuade you to change your mind, convince you to do something or make you believe something.

We have watched clips and read mentor texts that demonstrate the structure of a Persuasive text including a opening statement stating your opinion, three arguments for your case, a conclusion that restates your opinion and strong words are used throughout.

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