Our Excursion to Como House


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On Thursday, 21st May,  the Preps had their first excursion. We went to Como House to find out the story of the Armytage family who lived there from 1854. We learned that Caroline and Charles Armytage had ten children. We had a tour of the house and looked at all the artefacts that helped us to know about how the family lived. We also discovered what life was like for the servants who worked for the family. We found out the the servants needed to know the tone of each bell so that they knew to which room they should go. We had a turn at doing washing and practising carrying glasses of water. We played games on the lawn such as croquet, skittles, skipping and tug of war, just as the Armytage children would have done. Lastly, we read clues around the beautiful garden to try to solve a mystery that is 139 years old! We discussed how the artefacts that we saw At Como House helped us to understand the story of the Armytage family, and what their life was like all those years ago.

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Artifact chat


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Today Ms Owen and Ms McLachlan each brought a family artifact to share with us.

Ms Owen talked about a clock which once belonged to her parents. She told the story of how one day, when she was a child, she accidentally broke the glass face on the clock. She also told us that her parents forgave her and many years later gave her the clock to keep.

Ms McLachlan showed her teddy and a photo of herself as a baby. She talked about how the teddy, Boo, had been her favourite toy and we saw that some of its fur was loved off.

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Next week we will be visiting Como House and we will see artifacts that belonged to the Armytage Family, who once lived there. We are looking forward to discovering more about artifacts and how they help us to learn more about stories of people from long ago.



Happy Mother’s Day


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The Preps love their mums very much and wish them all a Happy Mother’s Day!

Enjoy this song for your special day, mums!

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