Balancing Act!


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balance board

Students have learnt to gain control of their balancing, twisting, rolling and turning movements using balance boards, scooter boards, balance beams and the spinning top. (Photo blurry due to being a snapshot of a video)

Showbags for Norman


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 Stall       Bags        Decorating           


We talked about lots of ideas for fundraising to help Norman, our school’s sponsor child. The most popular idea was showbags.  We talked about our ideas for what the showbags could contain, and then sorted ourselves into teams to bring along items to pop in the bags. We decided to put in a notebook, a highlighter, an eraser, a rubber ball, a decorated pencil, a lollipop, 2 balloons and some stickers. We worked really hard to pack the showbags. We set up our stall on Thursday, 19th June and sold our showbags during the Market of Oz which the Year 5/6’s had organised. We were thrilled that about 100 showbags were bought on the day, and we extend our sincere thanks to all those who supported Norman through their purchase.

Mask making superheroes


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In Performing Arts, the students commenced the term by creating superhero characters and masks. They have also been rehearsing their skit and dance for the school concert, which focusses on the 1950’s.

What’s happening in L.O.T.E.


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We have been learning  ‘I colori’ ( the colours) in Italian. We are also learning the song ‘Farfallina’ which has the colours  rosso and blu in it.image

ICT with Preps


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Digital painting

The Preps have been working on their mouse skills and using interactive pages to mix colours and paint pictures. Combining up to 3 colours the children were able to colour in pictures of their choice. Here is a cross section of some of the images that they created.
Use the controls below to increase the images in size and view the entire show.

Enterprising Attributes


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We have been learning about enterprising attributes. We read The Little Red Hen and discussed the enterprising attributes she displayed as she planted and cut the wheat and then made the flour and the bread. We also viewed a TEDtalk from Gabe Eggerling, an inspiring young boy who began his service to others by reading to disadvantaged children and now is involved in fundraising for the building and stocking of three libraries in The Philippines, Guatemala and Peru. The children were able to identify the enterprising atttributes Gabe displayed and were instantly full of ideas for ways that they could help others. Watch Gabe’s video and find out why!

Following this, the children generated some ideas for fundraisers to help our school’s sponsor child, Norman John Magabo. Norman lives in The Philppines and relies on our support for his educational needs. The children then voted for their favourite idea and are now in the process of using their enterprisisng attributes to create showbags to sell at The Market of Oz.

 ent att 1            ent att2              voting 2               voting




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