Procedural Texts


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We have been working on procedural texts. We have explored lots of different examples of procedures such as recipes and “How to” craft books. We looked at other exemplars and rated them from most to least successful. We developed success criteria to match our learning intention: “We are learning to write a procedure.” We even viewed this video of the Cookie Monster making a sandwich. No, it wasn’t a cookie sandwich! We talked about what was successful about the procedure and how it could be improved. Watch and see if you can tell what we thought about it!

Here are some of our published and unpublished procedures.

proc      photo6       photo      photo 5      photo 2     photo 3



Making Patterns for Mathematics…


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Objects photophoto 1photo 2 photo 3photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 photo


The ability to recognise patterns is an important aspect of students’ mathematical progress. At the Foundation level patterns are made with objects such as blocks, shapes, unifix cubes, beads, plastic dinosaurs, farm animals or teddies, as well as pictures. Objects used to develop patterns can have various attributes such as shape, colour, size and texture (smooth or rough). The students have had many experiences using such equipment.

We also used Froot Loops to create patterns, by threading the loops onto a strand of pasta lodged in a “blob” of play dough. The students thoroughly enjoyed discovering all sorts of patterns and worked towards challenging themselves to make patterns of increasing complexity. They also learnt how to record their pattern using letter sequences such as ABABAB.

The next stage for the students is to vary more than one attribute in their pattern. As students’ number knowledge develops, they will begin to recognise, describe and extend number patterns.

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