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Welcome to our blog @ St Anne’s Primary School, Australia.

We are in our first year of school and we love learning. Our blog is a place where we will share our work and learning. We welcome your comments.

Please find a tab above which will direct you to our Term One Overview. This contain important information for you to read.

We will update and add new Overviews each term.



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As the term came to a close, we set out to have our own day on ‘The Block’.

There was great excitement amongst the contestants as they designed and planned to build the perfect group ‘Cubby.’

Materials were gathered and it almost seemed that almost everything; including the kitchen sink, had been brought along for our huge day of construction.

There were designers, builders, engineers, decorators, workers and supervisors all involved for what turned into a most exciting and fun day. All those involved worked together so co-operatively, making allowances for each others ideas, listening to feedback and making modifications in order to make things more sturdy, durable or comfortable.

By the time we called, ‘Tools Down’ construction was complete and more fun could be had.

Well done to all!

Visual Arts


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During Term 3 many of our artworks related to our Inquiry learning about ‘Grand Designs.’

Whilst creating these artworks we used and experimented with different materials, techniques and processes.

We used paint, collage and construction to design and create our masterpieces.

Importantly, we create these artworks to communicate ideas to an audience and spend time responding, offering each other feedback.

Personal and Social Capability


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During Term 3, we have focused on our school value of Honesty.

Together with our Buddies we listened to a story about Honesty and then completed some activities.

We always love to work with our Buddies.

Shhhhh…. don’t tell!


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Last week there was a day that many of the classes were out at Athletics, so the only students left behind at school working were the Foundation and Year 1/2 classes.

This proved too great a temptation for the Prep O students who decided they needed to take over the entire school and go out and ‘Rule the School’.

Don’t tell anyone you’ve seen these exclusive, insider shots of the day the Preps took control!

Inquiry Learning


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Snuffles House

In class we have recently viewed a clip of the story, Snuffles house.

We have talked about what Snuffles needs in his house in order for it to provide adequate shelter. What size does it need to be? What shape would work best for Snuffles? Why is space important in our classroom? Why would space be important for Snuffles?

The students were then given time to create a design brief outlining the use of a variety of materials to create a home for another little creature.

Friday afternoon saw the “The Block” come to life as students were engaged in creating a house for their small creature. It was mammoth and in the end great creative designs were built, inspected and displayed. Well done to everyone!

Mathematics – Length


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In Mathematics our Learning Intention has been that:

We are learning to compare the length of objects

Our Success Criteria was:

  • I can compare objects by placing one object against another to determine which is longer
  • I can use measurement tools that can help us to compare
  • I can use words to describe measurement attributes, such as tall, taller, longer, long, longest

In order to learn this we shared the story of ‘The Long Red Scarf’ then each student needed to use fabric, wool and other materials to calculate, measure and create a scarf that would sit and be suitable for their own teddy bear.

Religious Education


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During our Religion lessons we have visited the St. Anne’s chapel. In this unit the students have learnt about religious imagery, the church building and its furnishings, and the gestures used in liturgy. They learnt about the name and location of our local parish, and the role of our priest, Father Joe in our parish.

St. Anne’s Feast Day


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This year for St. Anne’s Feast Day our Assembly item was a trip down memory lane with music and songs from past eras. The wonderful Foundation students tripped the light fantastic and came out rocking and rolling to the tune of Rock Around The Clock. Wow! They did a great job and loved dressing up as little rock’n’rollers!

Builders Are us!


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In Inquiry this term we are learning about:

How do built environments suit the needs of users?

Why do living things need shelter?

Why are there different types of buildings/shelters???

What are the different purposes?

Does a purpose influence a design?

We have built ‘bird houses’ with Anatoli from Craftpower and will turn them into works of Art for our school Art Show later this term.

Digital Technologies Term 2


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This term, we used the laptops to share information and videos about ourselves. We had to write special things about ourselves. We wrote things about what we have (like pets or siblings) and we also wrote about our favourite things (like movies or animals). We had to learn more about typing and we had to click-and-drag.

After we wrote our words, we had to put in a video. In the video we talked about what we want to be when we grow up.

Click here for Foundation MK’s finished work.

Click here for Foundation O’s finished work.

When we had finished, we got to play games to help us improve our click-and-drag skills. We used things like Fuzzbugs, online colouring-in pages, 100 snowballs and the Angry Birds Maze games to help us with this.

“I liked the writing bit.” – Willow

“I liked colouring my name.” – Miranda

“I liked putting the video in it.” – Ollie

“I liked colouring in the pictures.” Sammy

“I liked colouring in my name.” – Presley

“I liked writing and typing our names.” – Ryder

“I liked making it big and small.” – Caitlin

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