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Welcome to our blog @ St Anne’s Primary School, Australia.

We are in our first year of school and we love learning. Our blog is a place where we will share our work and learning. We welcome your comments.

Please find a tab above which will direct you to our Term One Overview. This contain important information for you to read.

We will update and add new Overviews each term.

Literacy: Persuasive Writing


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In class we have begun learning about Persuasive Writing.

We have read the texts; ‘A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea’ and ‘Duck! Rabbit!’

We have discussed our own opinions and the reasons for our point of view.

Soon we will begin having a go at our own Persuasive Writing texts. Maybe we will try to persuade mum or dad to let us stay up later, to let us have a new pet or maybe make a suggestion for a family holiday.




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This week we went out in the sunshine to learn more about capacity. ‘Capacity’ is the amount a container can hold. We used terms such as; full, empty and half full. We used lots of containers of various capacities to find out which held the ‘most’ or ‘more’ and which held the ‘least’ or less.

Digital Technologies Term 3


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This term the Foundation students have been practising their word processing skills with Google Docs. They have used keyboards to type their names, inserted images of things that they like and used the microphones to experiment with voice typing. Each week they have been required to find the same work that they have completed in previous sessions to continue their project.

Here are a few examples of their work:

St Anne’s Feast Day


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Last week was our very special St. Anne’s Feast day. It’s our day to celebrate our school’s link to the grandparents of Jesus, St Anne and St. Joachim. On this day we love to welcome our grandparents and special friends to share a day at school together. We always celebrate Mass together, spend some time together in the classroom, join in at assembly together and then share lunch together.

This year we made Family Trees together as a link to unit of Inquiry based learning. It was lovely to hear the family stories being shared as everyone worked to create a special Family Tree.


Personal and Social Capabilities


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This term we have focused on learning understand how relationships are developed and how to use interpersonal skills to establish and maintain respectful relationships. The students have practised the skills required to include others and make friends with peers, teachers and other adults.

The students have also learnt to recognise and understand their emotions and feelings.


Literacy: Reading


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During Reading we are gradually introducing students to Reading using the CAFE method of teaching reading strategies.

The Literacy CAFE™ System helps students understand and master
the four key components of successful reading:
Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary

The CAFE Menu breaks each component—comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary—into significant strategies that support each goal. Posted on the classroom wall and built throughout the year, it serves as a visual reminder of whole-class instruction as well as individual student goals.

We also use The CAFE System to assess, instruct, and monitor student progress. It provides tools for constructing group and individual lessons that provide just-in-time instruction, ensuring that all students reach their potential.

Mathematics – Ordinal Number


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In Mathematics one of our our learning intentions has focused on:

We are learning to order and compare collections

The students have experienced success when they can demonstrate and articulate:

  • I can use terms such as “first’ and ‘second”  to indicate ordinal position in a sequence
  • I can use ordinal numbers help me to explain who or what is in each position


Education in Faith


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This term we continued our learning about the events of Holy Week leading up to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the tradition of the Easter story. We followed on by introducing the students to the story of Pentecost Sunday. This helps us to also learn about the sacrament of Confirmation, which our Year 6 buddies are preparing for and will be receiving in the next few weeks. 



Inquiry: Schoolyard Safari Part 2


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Throughout this term we have investigated the skinks that inhabit our schoolyard.

We have learnt a lot by observing, questioning, investigating, asking an expert, wondering, viewing clips and researching information.

We have found out about the skinks preferred habitat and then designed a skink friendly garden. We have then tried to create our own skink friendly habitat spaces within our schoolyard.

Schoolyard Safari


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This term our unit of Inquiry is focused on the living creatures in our school environment. We have been out in the school garden observing and exploring.

We have noticed that there are many creatures including skinks that inhabit our school yard.

We wanted to find out more about skinks and other creatures so called in an expert from Reptile Encounters.

Kara answered all of our questions and helped us to learn more about various reptiles. Some of the reptiles she showed us do not live in our school environment but they were very interesting to learn more about.



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