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Welcome to our blog @ St Anne’s Primary School, Australia.

We are in our first year of school and we love learning. Our blog is a place where we will share our work and learning. We welcome your comments.

Please find a tab above which will direct you to our Term One Overview. This contain important information for you to read.

We will update and add new Overviews each term.

Foundation Level Mass


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Thank you to all those who attended our Foundation Level Mass today. The children sang up beautifully and listened carefully to Fr. Pat. Thank you Father Pat for sharing the liturgy with us. It was a lovely celebration of our first year at school.

Below is our Communion Reflection slideshow for those who may have missed it.

‘To Be His Child’

Digital Technologies – Term 4 2019


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This term the Foundation students have had a lot of fun learning how to code our school Bee Bots. They have enjoyed a few different rotation activities to program the robots to move in different ways and for different purposes.

Take a look at the images and videos below to see how they work!

Click this image to play a video:

Click this image for another video:

Brain Break


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Here’s our fun Brain Break that we love to get moving to. .. Have fun!



School Sports Day


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Our school Twilight Sports may have been cancelled however, it didn’t stop us from having a wonderful Sports Daytime event!

Screaming, cheering, chanting, yelling, encouraging, supporting, singing was heard far and wide over at Domeney Reserve as we cheered on our Year 6 buddies, our class mates, our friends, our brothers and sisters and our team mates.

Thank you Mrs Livingstone for organising this for us.

Base Camp Excursion


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To add some very practical experiences to our current unit of Inquiry we recently went on an excursion to Base Camp Kids. It was fabulous! All of the students thoroughly enjoyed participating in our two workshops. After putting on our aprons and getting into it, we observed the chemical and physical changes occurring in the mixing and baking of cookies. Then in the Science lab we put on our lab coats, rolled up our sleeves and got into reversible and irreversible changes making Oobleck and slime. It was so much fun becoming like real scientists.


Mindfulness – take the time to be still


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Throughout this year we have spent time learning how to practise mindfulness.

We use the ‘Peaceful Kids’ program which aims to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children.

The program helps children to learn:

  • The different ways to practice Mindfulness and integrate it into their lives.
  • Their feelings and how this relates to anxiety and stress levels.
  • How to understand triggers for stress and how to calm down when feeling stressed.
  • About the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety and learn how to self regulate.
  • Worrying and how it affects their happiness.
  • Different types of thinking that increase anxiety or lessen anxiety.​
  • Ways to create a balanced lifestyle including lots of chill out time and being in the flow.


​Take the time to listen and be mindful with your child at home.

Tilly, at home this evening, practising her mindfulness and remembering those whose lives have been lost or affected by war.

Italian Day


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Last week we celebrated Italian Day at school. It was magnifico!

We had lots of fun dressing up, parading, participating in activities, listening to Italian music, dancing, eating pizza and gelato and going to a performance.

Our School Art Show – The Seasons


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This week our building has been transformed for our school Art Show. Please come along and take a look. It looks fabulous and is a wonderful showcase of creative artworks from students throughout the whole school.

In Foundation we tried to use a variety of mediums and skills to create our seasonal pieces. We used paint, printing, collage and photography.


Blast Off Day!


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To culminate our Inquiry Learning for third term we turned our learning spaces into an International Space Station.

What fun we had aboard the space station, blasting off and travelling through space towards the Moon!

Fortunately Mrs Green had taught us the perfect song and off we went!

We designed our own Space Mission patches for our spacesuits, built spaces within our space station to live, conduct experiments, read space stories, exercise and eat. Then we made Australian flags, followed each other and held on the lifeline that led us to the surface of the moon where we planted our flags.

Just like the real International Space Station our space exploration adventure went well and we were all safely returned to Earth by home time.


Physical Education


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During Term 3 our focus in Physical Education classes has been Athletics. Last week the Foundation and Year 1/2 students participated in a mini Athletics during their Physical Ed lessons. 
With the help of Year 6 students the children rotated through a number of activities (using modified equipment) including long jump, hurdles, agility run, javelin, discus and shot put. It has been incredibly pleasing watching the students develop their throwing jumping and running technique as well as their willingness to ‘have a go’.
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